Middle School

Mission Statement

The Ridgewood Public Schools Fine and Performing Arts program provides opportunities that encourage all students to develop their capabilities and understandings within the disciplines of art, dance, and music.  This program balances the practice of creating with the artistic theories that equip the learner with additional methods of expression and communication.  These skills of creative thinking, collaboration, iteration, expression, and teamwork are paramount in today’s world.
Course Offerings

Required Courses

Art 6
Art 7
Band 6, Orchestra 6, or Chorus 6
Band 7, Orchestra 7, Vocal Music Appreciation 7, or Vocal Music Performance 7
Technology Literacy, grade 7

Grade 8 Elective Courses (quarter courses)

2D Art
3D Art
Apprentice to Master
Band 8
Broadcast News/BFBN/GWBN
Creating by Design
Digital Imaging
Multimedia and Coding
Public Art

Grade 8 Elective Courses (full-year courses)

Band 8
Chorus 8
Orchestra 8